Sunday, July 09, 2006


I really should have joined "Trek Along With Me" this summer because I've gone hiking three times already and am currently working on a Trekking sock. However, I have no cool photos of my sock being worked on outside.

This is from a hike over Memorial Day weekend in a state park about a half hour from where I live:

This is a deer (can you see it?!) we saw while hiking on our camping trip a couple of weeks ago.

We went hiking last weekend, too, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet.

I got an email from my mom today. This is completely shocking to me since she has never owned a computer until today. She got a really old one from some friends and they helped her get it set up. I hope that they are willing to provide her with unlimited tech support. She does not yet know the meaning of CTRL-ALT-DEL.

In craft news:
1. I finished up a cross stitch piece today.
2. Which is good because I saw a needlework store on our way to the state park last weekend and I went there yesterday to check it out. Now I have 2 more projects on my plate in addition to the three I showed you recently from the 50% off sale.
3. I knitted a baby hat. No recipient yet. I just felt the need to do something quick with stash yarn.
4. I started a new pair of socks.

Nothing too challenging right now since it's summer and life is busy.


Blogger Lynda said...

Quick knits in the summer - that's the ticket. If I EVER finish this shawl, I'm really looking forward to a few quick knits. Just to be able to FINISH something!

Your hiking pictures are gorgeous!

9:23 AM  
Blogger Kathy S. said...

Pretty pictures! I like especially the one of the deer looking at you. What park is that?

9:51 AM  

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