Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend Update

Whoops. It appears that I was lacking focus last weekend. I went to First Saturday Knitting. Conveniently, it’s held in a LYS, and they happened to have the needle I NEEDED to get so that I can work on Rose again. Well, I’ve been eyeing the Trekking sock yarn (I have some ugly Trekking in my stash, but that’s another story) that stripes with the gradual color changes and that ended up in my bag as well. Must. Stop. Buying. Sock. Yarn. Although I realize that having yarn for 5 pairs of socks is not really a problem for most knitters, it’s stressing me out. That’s a LOT of sock knitting for me, especially when I a tempted to buy sock yarn whenever I go into a LYS.

Then I grabbed a sandwich to give me strength to browse at the needlework store. It was my second trip there, and I knew I needed food or else I was going to be completely overwhelmed. They have soooo many patterns there. You can easily lose an afternoon without realizing it. I got the rest of the floss I needed for my next cross-stitch project.
Oh? What’s this? A basket full of kits for 50% off? Before I knew it, three kits JUMPED into my hot little hands.
I had planned on being a focused shopper, buying only the floss and perhaps one pattern. So much for that plan! After I got home I realized that one of the “kits” doesn’t come with the 20 colors (i.e. ~$40 if purchased in skeins) of overdyed floss you’re supposed to use. Yes, it clearly says that on the package, but I didn’t look that closely. Luckily not much is required of any of the colors, and I have a lot of them from previous projects or can use a similar color from my stash.

I finished Spey Valley Sock #1. It's much better after starting over with sz 1 needles.

I have 5 repeats left on Branching Out and I'm almost done with a Baby Bolero from One Skein. Hopefully I'll have 2 FO's in the next week!


Blogger Terby said...

Cute kits! Note, I'm not asking you which store had the sale. I really don't want to know. I wish I had purchased q snap frames instead of my scroll frames. They look like they work better.

Ugly Trekking? It exists? Swap it.

11:20 PM  

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