Monday, April 24, 2006


Again I am too lazy to take and upload pictures. The past several days have been a blur. I've worked late the past five days, including an annoying 10 hour day today. I'm spent. My weekend was only somewhat relaxing.

Not much knitting has been happening lately. I finished the body of Rose (Soleil with sleeves) and what do you know? It's WAY TOO BIG. I knew in the back of my knitterly brain that I should have ripped long ago, before I wasted hours and hours knitting for nothing. Note to self: Do not ignore the nagging or the bad feeling. It's probably right. My gauge expanded in the middle, and I think I may have made entirely the wrong size. I'll be able to save the lace bottom, but need to omit pretty much all the increases in the body, as I am NOT well endowed. I've never done a major frogging before, I suppose there's no time like the present. I'm not sure if I can tackle dealing with knitting this any time soon. I've got some bad vibes going on with wearable items other than socks and scarves.

I started my friend's Branching Out last night. I know I can do that succesfully. Of course I did manage to lose a stitch while watching TV and had to tink back a couple of rows.

One thing I like about my job is interviewing. (This is knitting related, keep reading.) We've expanded quite a bit over the years and I've been able to go to many interviews, especially for new grads. A couple of weeks ago I was in an interview and asked the woman if she had anything to add. She said when she went to college she had to choose between art and science.

Interviewee: "My mom has an online yarn store and my dad..."
Me: "What? Your mom is a spinner?"
Other interviewer: "What? An online YARD store?"

The discussion point was lost after the yarn vs. yard clarification. Well, seconds after I returned to my desk I located the online yarn store, as if I needed anything else to tempt me... I didn't buy anything, but the info is filed away in my brain in case I need it later.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I feel for you on the wrong size project. My personal strategy has always been to put it aside for a bit, then when I do rip, the memory of all that work isn't as fresh and it's even like getting free yarn!

Hope to see you at Last Saturday Knitting!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Terby said...

Sorry about Rose. I agree with Elizabeth on putting it aside for a while. Ripping isn't so bad if you just go for it - better to end up with something you like than a bad reminder in the end.

7:09 PM  

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