Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ready for Takeoff-Dawn's Scarf

I was sitting with my husband on the couch one night. He was completely engrossed in the TV. I started working on my friend’s bulky scarf. After about three rows he looked at what I was doing, nearly dropped the remote while pausing the TiVo, and practically screamed, “What are you DOING? It looks like you’re knitting with MODEL ROCKETS! Are those really knitting needles? Are they giant needles for kids so they don’t shove them up their nose? If those were a bra, they’d be a triple E!” He was really disturbed by those needles.

Indeed, I was somewhat disturbed as well. I had to knit this scarf English style because it’s impossible to knit Continental with these giants. However, the yarn is sooooo soft, I’m about ready to knit myself a cocoon out of it.

I liked this scarf better pre-blocking (of course I didn't take a picture), but it's still OK. I hope my friend likes it!

Dawn's Scarf
Started: 13-Mar-2006
Finished: 14-Mar-2006
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky, black
6 stitches across on US 25 needles


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, you must have given him quite a scare. Maybe he thought they were some strange sex toys and it was too frightening to contemplate.

Nice job on your skirt, btw. Wear it with pride.

10:15 PM  

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