Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Falling of the face of the earth

Thanks for the nice comments on my quilt. I am really hoping to finish it sometime this year! I do have several other quilting UFO's, but the one I posted about it my favorite.

It is likely that I will be out of commission for a week or longer. My grandma's health is failing and I anticipate having to go out of town very soon. It's a very difficult thing to have to deal with, since she is really my second mother, however, she's been suffering for awhile so it will be a relief to all. I was a bit of a basketcase last night, and was only able to relax for a bit while knitting. I'm really glad that I have something to take my mind off of things when I need to shut down for awhile.

It's a little strange how I feel like I need to make an entry on this on my blog, but I know that I get a little worried when people who usually post a few times a week drop off the face of the planet. I also won't be able to make it to Last Saturday knitting this month. Originally I was going out of town for "Girls' Weekend" to meet up with three of my high school friends, but now it looks like I might be gone for other reasons.

I do have some knitting news to report:
The Baby Uggs are finished. They have not been mailed though, because I hate going to the post office.
The Not Cashmere Sweater is causing me major frustration. I ripped out a particular section at least four or five times over the weekend while watching the Olympics and need to rip again. I threw it down in frustration. Apparently I can't read or count or something.
I started the Christmas Rose Bag, my first fair isle project. I must say, it's looking pretty good for a first attempt!

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Blogger Terby said...

Take care, Jenny. We'll be here when you get back. :)

8:25 PM  

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