Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ni hao

In honor of tonight’s season premiere of Survivor (which I am eagerly anticipating despite thoughts last season of ending my relationship with this show…the new season looks interesting) I participated in my own special food challenge today. See this, people? It’s a candy wrapper.

With A Shrimp On It.

I work with an extremely diverse group of people and normally I am delighted when I get to sample an authentic dish. We’ve had a couple of fantastic potlucks at work, let me tell you. Anyway, one of my Chinese coworkers has been bringing candy in the last couple of days because she claims to have too much in her house. Amid the Tootsie Rolls and Dots, there were two of these shrimpy things. A coworker tried one and was pretty disgusted. I cut up the other one into thirds and ate a piece and forced the other two pieces on my coworkers. It was not good, but not exactly horrible. Two of my Chinese friends could not say for sure whether the candy contained actual shrimp, if it was shrimp flavored, or if it was merely some kind of decoration. It didn’t really taste like anything specific to me. Does anyone know exactly what this is?

When I logged into Flickr to post my pictures it said, "Ni Hao!" That's Chinese for "Hi." Very fitting.

I much prefer candy of the chocolate type. Here, at long last is a poorly lit photo of my Holiday SP gifts.

Thanks again, Kathy, I love it all! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous (my first Noro!) I’m resisting the urge to start another project right now. It’s very difficult. But I currently have four things on the needles and that is just too many for me.

Baby Ugg progress:

This is my second project with suede yarn. I really don't like it. When the yarn twists, the stitches look uneven. I am not particularly impressed with this whole thing. The booties are enormous (yes, I am knitting the 9-12 month size, so this is to be expected), and it just doesn't feel "right" to me. Oh well. I'm sure the parents won't be as critical of them as I am.


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Hey Jenny! You won the Neapolitan Sunshine Yarns worsted! Send me your address at knitterlaura at yahoo dot com and I will drop it in the mail!

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