Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Knitting Group

Today was my first time attending the First Saturday knitting group. I'm pretty much a shy person and sometimes I freak out when there are lots of people around, especially ones I don't know. (I don't go to the mall or the grocery store on weekends because it drives me nuts.) Luckily, knitters are usually very nice and welcoming people. There were nine of us there and I had a good time. I didn't talk much, but once I get to know people better, I'll open up. I'll definitely go back next month. We met at a newer LYS. They have a nice selection of yarn and I picked up various sock yarns, but managed to put them back. Maybe next time.

The first time I attended the Last Saturday knitting group, I walked in with a sock in my purse. The meeting was at a coffeeshop, and I figured I could walk in, scope out the place while ordering my coffee, and then bolt if I was too scared and no one would have to know. Well, I stayed and had a great time. I just have to suck it up sometimes and overcome my introversion.

I worked on my Not Cashmere Sweater today. I'm almost ready to start the collar. Once again, I am too lazy to upload any pictures.

I started the popular Jaywalker socks last night using the self-striping yarn from my Still Secret Pal. I decided to make the larger size because lots of people were saying that they come out really small. Well, after some evaluation this morning, I think I'm going to frog and do the smaller size. This sock is MUCH bigger than all of my other handknit socks, and I can easily fit it over my ankle, even with the needles in place. Sigh. I hate starting over.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I didn't know that you're shy: I just thought that I talk too much! The great thing about knitting group for Shy Folks is that you can always knit through any long silences and then they don't seem awkward.

Sorry I didn't make it yesterday. We had a bunch of chores that demanded attention.

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