Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Progress Report and Giving Blood

I find it hard to believe that I have JUST ONE project on the needles right now!

I finished up the Rib and Cable socks on Monday (pictures to come when I am feeling motivated) and had nothing on the needles for a few hours. I felt really uneasy. I remedied my anxiety by casting on for my Not Really Cashmere Sweater from Weekend Knitting. I'm using Cascade 128 in a brownish color with blue flecks. The construction of this sweater is unusual, so I better take pics along the way.

Next in line: Baby Uggs for a February baby girl currently known as “Project Little B,” the daughter of two PhD scientists. I originally was going to make another suede hat, but thought these little booties would be cuter for a girl.

I frogged my little Midwest Moonlight scarf again. It just wasn’t working for me in that yarn. I might try Branching Out with this yarn instead.

I gave blood last Thursday. I always get a little uneasy going to donate because it seems that everyone who works there is one extreme or the other: really friendly or really crabby. I always hope it's not a Really Cranky Person taking my blood. Well, it turned out to be the best donation ever. All of the workers were completely friendly. The woman who was taking my blood was chatting about Christmas shopping and making gifts. "When I was your age I would go home every night after work and knit." I nearly jumped out of my chair, needle in arm, and jumped for joy. We talked knitting the rest of the time.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about the blood donation folks: either really surly or really nice. But mostly, what I care about is really good aim with the needle. I've had a few that didn't get a good stick and then seemed to be blaming me because it took too long to fill the bag. All I had to do with it was sitting in the chair and my only reward was a few cookies and a big bruise. Gee whiz! Sometimes I think the Red Cross needs to send the nurses to "warm and fuzzy" training.

When you make your appointment, it's possible to ask for the most experienced person. This helps if you have veins that run and hide at the approach of the needle.

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