Saturday, December 03, 2005

Camis? Shrugs.

I’m going to a holiday party tonight and have another one in two weeks. Thursday after work I went shopping to find a sweater to wear with one of my two black skirts. I went to nearly every store in the mall followed by Kohl’s. Two hours of excessively frustrating shopping for NOTHING. I saw about a zillion camisoles and two zillion shrugs. It’s cold where I live, plus I don’t have the bod to be able to fill out a cami properly, so I refused to try any on. And please don’t suggest I cover up a cami with a shrug to keep warm, because I have never seen anyone over the age of 20 wear one of those things in real life. Note to self: Knit a nice sweater for next year’s festivities. I found a nice sweater last night, but ended up spending too much on it. I don't like shopping for anything but yarn!

Here’s something to keep me warm:
Basic Cable from SnB Nation

Lamb’s Pride Worsted in almond blossom

I lengthened the hat in order to fit my rather large head.

I really enjoyed knitting this. It was almost magical how the decreasing in pattern worked. I’m loving cables.

I cast on for Rib and Cable Sock #2 on Thursday, which will hopefully join its partner RCS #1, shown here, by the end of the month.

Happy Weekend!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hey, that sock came out great! I'm thinking of using that pattern for my next socks. I can't wait to see a finished pair.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, and I love the cabled hat, too!

5:56 PM  

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