Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ben's Baby Hat

This is yet another Umbilical Cord Hat. I finished this earlier this year, but only delivered it to the expectant mom in November at her shower. It's good to keep these on hand.
Ben was born on November 30th. It will probably be awhile before his little head will fit into this hat!

The yellow yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots and the variegated yarn is Plymouth (?) something or other that cost about 4 times as much per yard. I'll be sticking to the Cotton Tots from now on because I noticed no difference in the two yarns.

The baby shower was quite crowded. I was seated in the dining room with my back to the living room. At one point I turned around and saw something quite fantastic. Someone was knitting! I kept turning around to see if I could figure out what she was working on without looking like I was completely staring. She knitted furiously throughout lunch, pausing only to take a bite of food now and then, and I think it took her the entire gift opening time to weave in the ends. She presented the mom-to-be with the most adorable hat with ducks on it. Talk about last minute gift!

Finally at the end of the shower people had cleared out enough so that I was able to make my way over to her and we talked knitting for awhile. She's been knitting for three years. Unfortunately she was from out of town, so I will likely never see her again. I'd love to make that same hat some day. It was SO CUTE! But way above my skills for right now.

This is the little snowman cross stitch I worked on over Thanksgiving weekend while I was away from my knitting. I'll take it in to get framed after the holiday rush is over.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Your baby hat is really cute.

I think it's pretty funny that the other woman was knitting the gift at the shower. She believes in living dangerously.

5:58 PM  

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