Saturday, March 18, 2006

Finished Skirt!

I chose a rather ambitious skirt (Simplicity 5914) with 6 panels and a zipper for the first Sew? I knit! project. My fabric, a chocolate brown micro-suede-like polyester or something, started falling apart after handling the pieces a lot. In order to prevent extreme unraveling, I had to finish the seams with a zig-zag stitch. I'm sure I spent lots more time on this than others would, but it was my first garment and there was a lot of learning involved!

The zipper installation was time consuming, but successful! I’m so proud of this zipper! It’s called a “lapped” installation, where one side of the fabric overlaps the zipper. (This is one of the many things I learned while working on this project).

I have a finished scarf to show you, but I don't want to share all the FO's in one day! I've also been fighting with the Not Cashmere Sweater, and even had to go out and buy another skein of yarn last weekend. Luckily the LYS still had the same dye lot. Whew! I'm also about halfway through the body of Rose, but I'm trying not to work on that right now and save it for Last Saturday Knitting instead.

In other news, I got my hair cut today. Since I usually get my hair cut every 6 months or so, this is a major event.

Happy Weekend!


Blogger Laura said...

Your skirt is great! I am so impressed with all you knitter-seamstresses. The thought of sewing (cutting -- it's so final!) makes me so nervous.

I am long overdue in thanking you for the cute earrings. What a nice surprise -- and I love them! They're my favorite type, little drops. So thank you very much!

6:28 PM  

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