Monday, February 20, 2006

Uggs and Ughs

Mara’s Baby Uggs
I probably should have made the smaller size, since these are probably more likely to be Toddler Uggs.
Pattern: Knitty Gritty
Yarn: Berocco Suede and Berocco Plush
Needles: Sz 5 Aluminums for soles, Sz 6 Addis for the rest
Started: 31Jan2006
Finished: 11Feb2006
Mara's Arrival: 16Feb2006
Mailed to baby and parents: Uh, not yet

Now presenting the Christmas Rose Bag (Almost finished)

I finished the base of the bag in the car this weekend and started on the miles of I-cord. This bag could use a good blocking before I assess my stranded knitting skills. I think my floats are a little short and I’m getting some puckering, but hey, it’s a first attempt. This has been a fun project, except for the I-cord, which I find extremely tedious. Next time I'll use ribbon instead.

Not Cashmere Sweater-Here is the UGH:

Even the photo is blurry. Ugh! I've ripped out the above "travelling seam" at least 4 times so far. It's supposed to look something like this:

My next attempt will have to wait until I'm back with it mentally.

Laura, I got the yarn a couple of days ago. Thanks!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Great work on the stranded knitting! It just gets easier all the time.

Wendy Wonnacott's secret for not-i-cord for items that get felted: cast on a lot of stitches and then cast 'em off. Not sure how it would work for an unfelted item, but worth keeping in mind.

9:20 PM  

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