Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Return to Sender

I sent out a couple of little surprises on Monday morning. One of them came back to me today...

I either exceeded the 1/4" thickness requirement, or my letter was "uneven." Give me a break. Who knew there were so many restrictions? I know you can't mail anything square or overly large without paying extra postage, but too thick or uneven? Sheesh. My only hope is that the other letter went through without postage due for the recipient.

But I also got a package from That made up for my postage due.

Around Christmastime, my high school friends and I had lots of discussion regarding receiving candles, body lotion, knick knacks, etc. as gifts and all agreed that we have too many. (One of my resolutions this year was not to set foot in Bath and Body Works unless someone specifically asked for something.) So when I met up with them a couple of weeks ago, I showed up empty handed, but promised to make scarves for two of them, and give the third a subscription to Cooking Light, my most favorite cooking magazine. I had grand plans of having the scarves completed in time to deliver them in person, but that didn’t happen. Instead I provided them with seven photos of scarves (stolen from blogs, of course) I would be willing to make and let them choose a color. It turns out that each of them chose the scarf I would have selected for them anyway! However, they both chose black!

Michelle, the one who once showed up wearing fake pearls for girls weekend at a lake cabin chose Branching Out. Dawn, who is totally no nonsense, chose a chunky garter stitch scarf. Assuming that I haven’t lost my touch with Branching Out, it should be a 7 or 8 hour project, and the chunky scarf will take less than 2 hours. No LYS in my area carries the Blue Sky Alpaca I needed, so I had to go online. Um, this yarn is YUMMY!!! Fortunately they also had Silky Wool on sale ($5.25!). While I was shopping I also had to throw a couple of skeins of Lorna’s Laces (my first!) into my cart. Whoops. I don’t need any more sock yarn right now, but I’m sure I will love it even if I can’t get to knitting it anytime soon. The color is Baltic Sea.

It's cloudy and I got home late today, so the photos are not the best. I wanted to show you Rose, but didn't get a good pic today. Here's the one from last weekend.

I'm almost done with the third repeat and should be on to the stockinette this evening.


Anonymous Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I got my surprise, I got my surprise! I was surprised and I liked it ever so much but I won't say what it was in case the unreached surprisee reads the blog.

Thank You, Jenny. I really like it/them.

4:45 PM  

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