Monday, December 11, 2006

What else is going on? Beading

I took a wire wrapping class through community ed last month. During the class we made these:

Created 13Nov2006

Of course I went to the bead store soon thereafter and picked out some beads I liked better and came up with this bracelet:

Created 19Nov2006

I have good intentions of making some simple earrings as Christmas gifts, but I don't know if I'll get around to it! I have to be in a certain mood and have a good chunk of time in order to bead.

Luckily I can knit in just about any mood, anywhere!

Oh, and here's a tip: At work, be sure that you don't type your username and password too quickly and miss the tab key in between. Otherwise your username followed by your password may be visible to the system administrator because he gets an error message that an unknown user is trying to get into the system. Ask me how I know. Ask me if I was slightly embarrassed that I have a knitting related password. :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Finished Trekking Socks

Toe Up Crazy Trekking Socks
Started: 06Jul2006
Finished: 12Oct2006 (again, better late than never!)
Needles: Sz 0 Susan Bates Aluminum, bound off with Sz 2 1/2 bamboo
Cast on using Magic Cast On
62 stitches for foot, increased to 66 for cuff

This is my second pair of toe up socks. The magic cast on is definitely better than the regular old figure eight cast on I used before, but I still like cuff down socks better.

Time to comment on your comments:

Yes, I'd recommend the Knitpicks Options. I really like using them on Ene. That's the only project I've used them on so far, though. I've been working on a lot of hats lately and need Addi's shorter cords for those.

Cross stitch stores will stretch your piece when they frame it. If you're using Aida cloth, it's not necessary on smaller projects, since that is a stiff fabric. I've been using a lot of linen lately, and that looks better when it's stretched in the frame.

I tried looking for an online framing tutorial once, but couldn't find a good one. The evil cross stitch store had a good selection of premade frames and they also sell pre-cut foam core, but I'm not sure exactly how to stretch my fabric over that and attach it. Maybe it's time to find out!

I tried to take a small piece to the Michael's in Madison once, but their custom frames are more suitable for photos or really large items. They wanted $50 or something outrageous to frame my teeny cross stitch, WITH the coupon. I have never checked out the framing department at Joann's. Maybe they have a better selection.

Enjoy your weekend!