Thursday, July 27, 2006


Thanks for your nice comments after my last post. This is certainly an exciting time for me, but also MASSIVELY STRESSFUL. It's good to know there are people pulling for me!

I finished another baby hat a couple of weeks ago. It's the same as the purple one, except that it's green. I just found out the other day that a friend of mine is expecting twins (!!) so I think that they will be the recipients of the hats.

I don't expect to have any exciting crafty content around here for quite awhile. After the move I don't even know when I'll have internet access. Probably not a good idea to be blogging at my new job! Time to get a laptop with wireless!

We have to sell our condo before we buy a new house, so I'm supposed to be decluttering right now. We hope to get it on the market for a couple of weeks. I'll stay in an extended stay hotel for a week or two, see if the condo looks like it's going to sell, and if not, I'll get an apartment. We are trying to avoid moving twice so hopefully everything will fall into place. My husband has not even thought about looking for a job yet. I'm not sure when he'll be joining me. While I'm in the hotel, I hope to start a nice fall sweater and do a bunch of cross stitch since there won't be any distractions other than exploring my new location.

OK, I must get going. I have WAAAAAAY too much to do.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

You might qualify for a bridge loan, but it's better not to do that.

Good luck with all of it.

Turns out I'm not going to make it to First Sat. Knitting because we're doing little emperor's birthday party that day. Make sure you send your email address at some point.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Kathy S. said...

Well, as long as you plan to get back to blogging when you can, I'll be happy. I have an Uncle in Mpls. He's a wonderful guy. I can give you his phone number in case you need a local to ask questions after working hours or something. He works for the big newspaper, tho he's sorta retired. Best wishes for a seamless join.

1:43 AM  
Blogger Kathy S. said...

P.s. I think purple and green is perfect for baby twins whether the twins match or not. And doesn't Minneapolis have a ton of good yarn shops? I know they have the Knit Cafe or Yarn Cafe--some such name, and it's close to you. Yay!

1:46 AM  

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