Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Little Bigger Ene and a Sock

I finally have the camera back in my possession and there is actually some sun today. I just uploaded a dozen pictures to Flickr, so I should be back to more regular posting.

I've been really busy lately. We decided to build a house, which involves lots of appointments, decisions, and difficult discussions. My husband is a big dreamer, and I am the more practical one. It's rather stressful. Anyway, I'm really excited to be on the way to our first "real" house with a yard. We have to finalize everything before Christmas, and then it will take somewhere from 4-6 months to build.

Here's the latest progress shot of Ene. Something got mixed up on the previous row...I've been a bit stalled by trying to figure out what's going on without completely wrecking the whole thing.

Notice the broken Options cable in the shot. I already have my replacement from Knitpicks. Kudos to them for standing behind their product.

And here's a finished Aran Braid sock, completed during Socktoberfest. Notice the tiny ball of leftover yarn. Thankfully I didn't run out!

I've gotten behind on my blog reading...hopefully I'll be able to visit everyone soon!


Blogger Terby said...

Wow, building... That's big. The sock looks great. Ene's going to be very pretty. Despite the broken cord, would you recommend the Options needles? I'm still considering getting some.

7:53 PM  

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