Monday, October 24, 2005

This little kitty came home

I finally got my Halloween kitty back from the framer. I was getting worried-I had dropped it off a couple of months ago! I have a bunch of stuffed Halloween kitties (most of them are Boyd's Bears) and this is a welcome addition to my Halloween decorations.

In my excitement over starting a blog, I uploaded a few pictures to Flickr, not realizing that I was going to quickly use up my monthly limit. Live and learn. I'll be resizing from now on. It adds another step to the process, but blogging is quicker than I thought it would be. I've got a whole bunch of FO photos and will be posting them occasionally. I don't knit as much as many of the other bloggers out there (I'm jealous of you people who can knit for hours on end!).

I signed up for knitty's Holiday SP round. I am soooo excited! This is my first SP round. I must admit, it's what really pushed me over the edge in getting a blog. I want my SP to know a little bit more about me than what's in my survey. I have a bunch of ideas in my head of things I want to do and give to my SP, but I need to get her (his?) survey to see what she likes!

I currently have a sweater and some socks on the needles.

Meet Sitcom Chic in pieces. She's made of LB Cotton Ease. I've had many issues with the sleeve. I worked on it with bamboo DPNs during a SnB. When I got home, I realized I had done my M1's wrong AGAIN and had to frog about 3 or 4 inches. I wasn't liking the DPN's either, so I splurged and got some 12" Addi Turbos in Sz. 8. They are great for doing stockinette sleeves, especially with cotton. I knit pretty tightly, so the Addis work great.

Next up we have the Rib and Cable sock from Fall 2005 IK. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern (Mountain Colors Bearfoot). Love it, love it, love it. I'm sure the colors are not going to look very nice here, but let me tell you, I cannot wait to wear these things. (Things? So far there is only half of one...oh well.)

Finally, I leave you with a lovely look at fall. I live next to a cemetary at it has the most gorgeous, huge maple trees.


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